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Citrix 6.5 - Change Service Account Password Used to Connect to Database


Due to a corporate initiative I have to change the password on the Service Account that I use for connecting my 6.5 farm to the database.  I put this system in a year ago and haven't touched it since, so I need a little help.

The database server is running 2008 R2 and is a 2008 SQL database.  It is a very small environment with only one web server, 2 app servers, and the DB server.  It is also rarely used so I can do this anytime.

I'm thinking this is going to be fairly simple, just out of time to research what needs to be done.  Any help would be appreciated.
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You can use dsmaint to change the username and/or password.  

check the link from amichaell !

use "dsmaint config [/user:username] [/pwd:password] [/dsn:filename]"


Thank you!!