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Can you control RDP Features through Group Policy

Have a client who we host a terminal server for who wants to lock it down further.  They are concerned about virus/malware being brought in from someone's home machine.  They would like to have us disable the ability to cut and paste through the RDP session as well as block the attaching of any drives from their machines.  Is this possible through Group Policy?  We are running a win2008 server with AD and terminal services with several licenses installed on it.  (before anyone starts down that path, we are well aware this is not a recommended configuration but we picked up managing the server from someone else.)
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Hi there,

Open up a GPO, go to
Computer > Policies > Admin Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Device and Resource Redirection

There are a number of policies in there where you will be able to lock down Clipboard (Copy and Paste), Drive redirection (Mapping of client local drives) etc....

Hope that's what you're looking for...




Thanks So Much . . . took care of the issue.