If statement breaks loop

The code below shows two if statements inside of a loop. The first if statement is commented out because when it runs I get the following error:

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a040e'
'loop' without 'do'
/portal/routings/routings2.asp, line 108

The second if statement doesn't cause me any problems at all.

<%Do until rs1.EOF %>
	<%'if rs1("expr3") = "Pick" then 
		  'rdate = FormatDateTime("1/1/2100", 0 )
		  'else if rs1("expr3") = "***URGENT***" then 
		  'rdate = FormatDateTime("1/2/1900", 0 )
		  'else if rs1("expr3") = "No Date" then 
		  'rdate = FormatDateTime("1/1/1900", 0 )
		  'else rdate = FormatDateTime(rs1("expr3"), 0 )
		  'end if%>
		<%if cdate(rdate) < Date() then 
		cssName = "passed" 
		elseif cdate(rdate) = Date() then
		cssName = "current" 
		else cssName = "future"		
		end if 
		response.write cssName 'Just a test to see if it works
    <tr class="cssName">
      <td><%Response.Write rs1("expr2")%></td>
      <td><a href="/portal/invoicing/jobcostdetail.asp?job=<%Response.Write rs1("job")%>" target="_blank">
        <%Response.Write rs1("job")%>
      <td><%Response.Write rs1("customer")%></td>
      <td><%Response.Write rs1("Part_Number")%></td>
      <td><%Response.Write rs1("Description")%></td>
      <td><%Response.Write rs1("Rev")%></td>
      <td><%Response.Write rs1("Promised_Quantity")%>/<%Response.Write rs1("Order_Unit")%></td>
      <td><%if rs1("EXPR1") = "S" then Response.Write "Started" else Response.Write "Open"%></td>
      <td><%Response.Write rs1("est_total_hrs")%></td>
      <td><%Response.Write rs1("Comment")%></td>
      <td><%Response.Write FormatDateTime(rs1("expr3"), 0 )%></td>

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As a bonus for me how can I get the value of cssName created in the second if statement and put it in a <tr> class on line 20 of the code?

Thanks for any help in advance.
Robert FrancisDirector of Continuous ImprovementAsked:
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Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeCommented:
try changing line 30 (from the code snippet) from

<td><%if rs1("EXPR1") = "S" then Response.Write "Started" else Response.Write "Open"%></td>


<td><%if rs1("EXPR1") = "S" then Response.Write "Started" else Response.Write "Open"%> <%end if %></td>

if that doesn't work, can you confirm that line 108 (from your own code base) is listed above? you could also, as a test, comment out that entire block and see if you get the error. If you don't, that tells us it's somewhere else in the code
Robert FrancisDirector of Continuous ImprovementAuthor Commented:
That didn't make a difference. Line 108 is line 36 in the code base.
Robert FrancisDirector of Continuous ImprovementAuthor Commented:
This is really weird the more I look at it. It is definitely something in the commented out code that is the first if statement.
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Robert FrancisDirector of Continuous ImprovementAuthor Commented:
I figured out the first part of my problem. The else and if was two separate words in lines 4 and 6. Any idea on the bonus question?
Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeCommented:
i believe the first part of your question is due to the fact that your closing ASP tag ( %> ) was commented out. either way glad you got it working :)

for the second part of your question, do the following:

<tr class="<%=cssName%>">

just a FYI, <%= is shorthand for Response.Write

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Robert FrancisDirector of Continuous ImprovementAuthor Commented:
Awesome on the FYI.

I figured it out by uncommenting lines 2,3,8 and 9 and it worked. That told with the else if's were the problem. I then made them elseif and it worked.

Once again you are the man Big Monty!
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