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rename old user profile and create a new one

rjef asked
i want to create a new (fresh)profile for a user on win7 because the current one is all messed up.  I trieded logging as another user then renameing the profile i want to re-create then login back in with the new profle name but it says something about not able to use profile using temp profile.
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IT used to be pretty handy in xp to do it the way you tried, unfortunately there is  registry entry that need to be modified now.  Fro ma note to myself about  it:

With windows 7 you can no longer simply rename the profile.  If you do, you will log in and get “windows is creating a temporary profile”   That’s no bueno.  You have to goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Find the sid that correlates to that user.  Click on all the SID’s and one of them will have the username associated with it.  Just delete that folder and when you log in a new profile will be created


thanks thats what i needed