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HP LaserJet CM1415fn Printing Black & White by default not Colour

Hi there

I have a user here wants to make his HP LaserJet CM1415fn Printing Black & White by default even if it was printing a colour page.

The printer is in a domain

I know you can do that from each individual application but can we just make the printer default to B7W unless otherwise?

I have a screen shot or
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create another queue on the server that is configured to print b&w and set that up as another printer on the users workstation

So color \\printserver\hpcolor
b&w \\printserver\hpbw
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What is the OS he is on,, if he maps it to his workstation he should just need to go into printer and devices, go to that printer,  Right click over top of it and go into Printing Preferences,, from here he can set the default to black and white, and any other settings to his choice,, hit okay... make sure that he is closed out of everything so when he launches to test it will pick up the new settings correctly