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Access 2013 - How to set default font for labels

rogerdjr asked
I somehow "accidently" set the default font for labels on forms and reports to vertical text and can't find how to reset the default.

Can somebody help me sole this little mystery?

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Thanks - that helps with the dynamic vba.

The issue I have is using the form and report builder ALL LBELS are vertical by default and I have to manually re-configure each one as I build a new form.

I'm looking for the place where I set defaults for the form & report builder
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Go to File/Options.  On the Object Designers tab under Form/Report design view are the names of the form and report templates.  Did you change these to use one of your own forms?

To modify defaults for specific control types, open the property sheet for the form.  In the ribbon, click on a control type.  Notice that in the property sheet, the name of the control is blank.  That is how you can tell that you are modifying the default for that control rather than the properties of a specific control.


Perfect Solution - Thanks - I must have modified defaults for the specific control type, by opening the property sheet for the form.