Word - I can't find the hidden text in the document

A user brought me an interesting problem late yesterday.  She has a Word 2010 document she received from another person.  She revised the document a bit and the distributed via email.  On iOS devices (e.g. iPhone) the preview of the document shows text that is no longer in the Word doc (or at least appears to no longer be in the Word doc).

To investigate, I set my Word options to show hidden text and turned on Show/Hide paragraph marks.  I do not see the specific text anywhere in the document.  I then used Find to search for the text and Find successfully locates the text and indicates it is in the Footer section of the document BUT I cannot see it there.  I delete everything from the footer and yet Find still indicates the hidden text is there.

Am I missing something?  iOS devices see it and display it but Word on Wiindows does not.
OM Gang

Find indicates the hidden text
Nothing in the footer.
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omgangIT ManagerAsked:
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VJ Caughman-NeSmithCertified IT Administrator (LAN/WAN)Commented:

Two suggestions -

1. did you check/accept final changes in the document?
2. this link is from MSO support regarding the removal of hidden data - https://support.office.com/en-au/article/Remove-hidden-data-and-personal-information-by-inspecting-documents-356b7b5d-77af-44fe-a07f-9aa4d085966f
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
If you do a print preview do you see the text? When in the footer edit mode Press Ctrl+A to see if it highlights anything. If it does press the delete key and then do the search again.
omgangIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
The hidden text does not appear in Print Preview.  I also set the Print Hidden Text option.

In the doc, I switch to edit mode for Header/Footer, key Ctrl+A, delete everything; only a paragraph mark is left in the footer.  Find still locates the hidden text.
OM Gang

Word options for hidden text
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omgangIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
@VJ Caughman-NeSmith

I accepted all changes in document.  Saved, closed, reopened.  Find still locates the hidden text.
OM Gang
VJ Caughman-NeSmithCertified IT Administrator (LAN/WAN)Commented:
going to "info" under the File tab MS Word
selecting Prepare for Sharing
select Document Inspector
choose Inspect

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omgangIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
@@VJ Caughman-NeSmith

Inspecting the document did not indicate there is any hidden text but I went ahead and removed everything that was found by the inspection.  That did the trick!  After saving the doc Find no longer locates the hidden text.

How bizarre, how bizarre.
OM Gang

Inspect document
VJ Caughman-NeSmithCertified IT Administrator (LAN/WAN)Commented:

Glad it worked!
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
Well I was just going to suggest removing the header:

"Does the search (find) results appear on all pages, some or just one?  Is it only finding the text in the footer?  Try removing the footer.  "

However after seeing the last screen print it may have been the XML it found. Good job you two.  :)
omgangIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Find was specific that it was locating the text in the Footer section.  In a screen shot (above) you can see that I had already cleared everything from the footer.  The Inspection result also indicated no hidden text or invisible objects yet it did indicate that there was still something in the Header/Footer (even though I had cleared everything).  A re-inspection still shows Custom XML data so I'm thinking there was something in the Header/Footer section that I could not see/edit/find that was only removable via Inspection.
What's troubling is that the content was being found/displayed by the iOS devices.

OM Gang
Timothy SchmidtCommented:
Remove all headers and footer is not practical when you need them!!!
David BrinkerCommented:
In case anyone else has this problem and can't resolve it using "inspect," I had a similar problem and was finally able to find the hidden text by saving as rich text format. For whatever reason, I was then able to see it and delete it, then save it back to a .doc(x).
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