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Corporate backup solution recommendations

agradmin asked
We currently back up our corporate server infrastructure using Veritas Netbackup, offloading to an HP MSL tape library sending tapes to an offsite facility for secure storage. The total backed up data is around 5Tb, which we back up on a weekly full, daily differential basis.

We have a 300Mb internet connection, and a 100Mb fiber connection to a remote site that could be utilized.

I am looking to budget for a solution that meets the following criteria;
1. Must be cost effective
2. Must fulfill PCI compliance requirements (secure off-site storage)
3. Must be scalable
4. Must support data deduping
5 It must be quick/easy to recover data

I know there are a host of products out there that will support D2D2T, D2 cloud, and D2 co location etc but am wondering what others around our size have installed recently and feel would fit our needs.

Pros & cons of solutions plus rough cost (initial plus ongoing monthly storage charges) would be appreciated.
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We put in a large Nas in a local data center that we backup to for our offside backup. It is encrypted and secure and to restore in emergency we could bring to central off if needed.

We only pay the co-location fee and with a unmeter connection . We do about 3tb a night.  
 We payabout 200$ a month.

Guys, re the use of "b"
Sometimes it's easy to work out from the context if it means bits or Bytes, other times it's not possible, so please make sure you use "b" for bits and "B" for bytes.

This is obviously Bytes The total backed up data is around 5Tb

But, are these two, bits or Bytes (or even a combination)? We have a 300Mb internet connection, and a 100Mb fiber

If you only have a 300Mbit/sec Internet connection, that's only 30MBytes/sec. It will take a long time to push 5TB through that (47 hours minimum, probably approx 90 hours to be more realistic).

I think that more or less rules out using the cloud, although if you can seed the cloud offline and use a "incrementals forever" scheme it might be doable, you need to look at the restore times though
Rodney BarnhardtServer Administrator
We used NetBackup until about 5 years ago. We were tapeless (writing to DataDomain) and replicating to our DR site. We replaced it with Avamar. While we are still tapeless, and replicate to a secondary grid at our DR site, Avamar does have a tape-out option. However, I have not used it. We backup remote offices. It does data de-duplication on the source. This means after the initial backup, on the changes files are transferred over the wire. Cost vary, we have a 30TB system and the cost was around $300K five years ago. The current version is 7.1 I believe, but I wrote a review on EE of it a few months after we installed it.


You could use IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (IBM TSM), It's a good enterprise backup software products.


Apologies for the delay in getting back to this, I was hoping for a solution that better fit our own needs. I will take all comments into consideration and move forward.


Thanks for the input. Although none offered a perfect fit I gained knowledge from each that will help make a decision.