Indy 9 installation problem in BCB 5 system

I am trying to install Indy 9 on a windows System that has a Borland C++ builder 5 compiler. Running the FullC5.bat batch file yeilds an error which is triggered by one of the following lines in the batch file.
Does this mean that an environment variable NDC5 or NDWINSYS is not present and if so can anyone say what they should be ?

if (%NDC5%)==() goto enderror
if (%NDWINSYS%)==() goto enderror


Roger AlcindorAsked:
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It looks like that, yet there is hardly any information out there other than - which leaves these hints:

    woSetupC5: begin

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        If not SysDirFound then begin { Get System Directory and add to string list }
          SetLength(SysDir, 255);
          SetLength(SysDir, GetSystemDirectory(@SysDir[1], 255));
          EnvList.Add('SET NDWINSYS=' + SysDir);
          EnvUpdated := True;
        end; { if }

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Roger AlcindorAuthor Commented:
I executed the following before running the fullC5.bat file:

set NDC5 = "C:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder5"
set NDWINSYS = "C:\Windows\Systeme32"

This got rid of the original error message but new error messages were produced.
This error (problem 2) seems to be due to the batch file processing not handling long file names and therefore not finding files in the C:\Program Files folder, reporting "file not found in C:\Program "
I eventually fixed the issue by editing the FullC5.bat file, replacing %NDC5% and %NDSYSWIN% with
the values specified in the set statements above.
I still have this problem (problem2) on a windows 7 Enterprise machine when installing an ActiveX component where a re-build of C:\Program files\Borland\CBuilder5\Lib\ dclusr50.bpk but not on a Windows 7 Professional machine.
The Windows 7 Professional machine was build by hand whereas the Windows 7 enterprise machine was built using Columbus.
Should I post a new thread for this or might I continue ? the original question has been addressed so I will be awarding points.

set NDC5 = "%ProgramFiles%\Borland\CBuilder5"

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Roger AlcindorAuthor Commented:
I built another Windows 7 Professional machine and the problem did not occur. The customer will be investigating possible differences in Windows 7 enterprise and windows 7 professional which could account for the problem. Meanwhile, the customer will proceed with Windows 7 Professional instead of Windows 7 enterprise.
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