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VMware Horizon View 6:    TWO or more View Composer Servers in HA/LB?

ITAddict asked
Can you have more than 1 View Composer Server in an HA/LB pair?

2 things I'm looking to do: Distribute the Load between 2 or more (LB), and Fail-over (HA)

I know you have to have a separate SQL db instance per View Composer Instance, otherwise, they will
end up over-writing each other.

FYI...vCenter Server must also have it's own DB instance as well.

1) Can you have one login (one portal/ View Manager) across 2 or more View Composer Servers? If so, how?

2) How to configure them in an Active-Active or Active-Passive mode? Being each Composer Server must have it's on DB
instance. If one Composer Server goes down, how does the other read between 2 DB instances?

I know vSphere has FT, which basically is 2 exact copies of each other on separate hosts. However, in this case with different DB instances (with different data in each, when each Composer Server is stand alone), is where it gets tricky.
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vmware recommends that you use vmware HA or install view composer on vcenter server...


That still doe not address the ability to communicate with the database.

If you have server1, and database 1. And server2, and database2.

If server1 goes down, how does server2 talk to/read database1?
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Composer depends on vcenter. If it is installed on same machine as vcenter for obvious reasons it is 100% available (*) subject to vcenter availability.