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Easiest way to  ascertain what is taken up space on computer

camtz asked
Hi, I just realized that out of a 500 GB internal drive, I only have 40 GB of free space.  What is the best way to determine what is using up all the space?
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A quick way is to install a 3rd party application such as Tree Size that will map your hard drive and tell you what is hogging all the size.

of course there are things you can do as well such as deleting old cache, cookies and orphan files.  A good application to use is C Cleaner.  

Both of the above are free. The first shows you who is the storage hog the second deletes unknown or unwanted files.

Naturally you would have to uninstall old applications that are not needed as well as search for dupes. CCleaner will do part of that and much more.

Check them out. After all they are free and no reboot is required.
Jeff DarlingDeveloper Analyst

You can also see the sizes in Windows Explorer.
In any of the icon views, hover your mouse over the folder.
After a few seconds you will see the size.

Best Free one I've seen and I use it regulary is SpaceSniffer: http://www.uderzo.it/main_products/space_sniffer/download_alt.html
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

I've found OverDisk to be the most easily understood utility.

As you mouse over the segments in the pie chart, Overdisk reports the folder corresponding to that segment and the amount of space it takes up.  Here we see that the "Hearts of Space" subfolder uses 21 GB in the Music folder.

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if you want to see the folder sizes in Ewplorer, be sure to tick the "show hidden files and folders" in explorer tools
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also - what pc is this?  Lenovo had a R&R problem backing up to the C: drive in the past


That helped a lot. Thanks