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How can i make a Bootable Flash drive using  Windows 7  ?

Italiabella asked
Hello Everyone,

I need to format a tiny laptop using a bootable flash drive with Windows 7 Home in it.
Who can send me the step by step how to or Video oh how to copy Window 7 in the flash drive and make it bootable please

Thank you
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Shahnawaz AhmedCloud Migration Engineer
Dear Italiabella,

You can use free software wintoflesh , used personally and its very easy and good tool.
please watch youtube video for instrutions and take backup of your flesh drive as this software will remove everything in it.
Jeff DarlingDeveloper Analyst
havn't tried wintoflesh, but have seen wintoflash..

Joe WinogradDeveloper
Fellow 2017
Most Valuable Expert 2018
Hi Italiabella,

I used this recently to create a W7 bootable USB flash drive:

It has good instructions there and it worked perfectly for me! Here's the download page:

Regards, Joe
Sr. Systems Administrator
very simple using native tools
take your USB  drive (at least 8gb) and wipe it clean (move any data from it you want to keep)
then format it, make it bootable, copy the files from the media to the drive

to do all this, open an elevated command prompt and run diskpart
do list disk to see which one is the flash drive (look at the size column if not sure)
if it is disk 1 for example, do this:

select disk 1
create partition primary size=8192
format fs=fat32 quick
assign letter=f

from windows explorer you can copy all the files from the windows 7 media directly to the root of the USB drive
last step, back in the command prompt, change to the DVD drive boot directory and add the correct boot sector
if the drive letter is D for example, then do this:

cd \boot
bootsect /nt60 f:

then you can boot from the USB drive
Most Valuable Expert 2015
You don't need a Windows 7 USB stick that is bootable to format your internal HD. For that you can also use most Linux LiveCD's which can also be put on USB sticks.

But more important, what you are probably wanting to do is to reinstall Windows or do a factory reset of your PC. For that most PC's have a factory recovery partition, and you get to that via a function key at bootup. Read your manual or check online at the PC manufacturer's site for details on how that is done. That is usually quick, and you have no licensing or activation key issues.

Besides that, most of those PC's also include a utility to create either a set of recovery DVD's or other media. You should definitely create those before you flatten your disk.


Thank you so much all.