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don't understand database access on windows 8.1

Rudolf Matzka
Rudolf Matzka asked
I have a VB6 application using an Access database via ADO. The Setup installs the database as a file called "datenbank.mdb" in a subfolder "Datenbank" of the installation folder, and the relative path to the database file is hard coded. Having installed on Windows 8.1 and working for a while, I see that the application does in fact not access this database file and work fine nevertheless. For example: The UI shows data entries which are in fact not in the database (verified through the MSAccess UI). Or: when I change the name of the database file and then start the app, it still works as if I hadn't changed the name. This is very strange for me. Who can explain to me what happens?
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"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic Advisor
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Check whether the DB file exists in the user profile folder - with UAC writes to the installation folders are redirected...
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Also VB6 does not work in Windows 8.1 most of the time. That may be the issue. VB6 is very old.
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Launch a search from the root in File explorer, looking for the .mdb extension.

See if you do not have more than one copies of your file installed. Maybe Access and the application do not target the same file.

If this does not give you a clue, make sure that you do not have a second copy of the database under another name. Start your application, make a change to the data and save it. Then go back to your list of .mdb files. Use the Date modified column to see which file has been modified last. This is the one that is targeted by your application.

And as John said, still programming in VB6 for Windows 8.1 is like playing russian roulette, except that there is more than one bullet in the barrel.


Hi Qlemo, this was exactly the information I neede. Thanks a lot!