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Why can't I install windows 7 on Acer laptop?

I have an Acer Aspire 7250 Series running windows 7 and was planning on selling this laptop, so I wriped the information off of it, replaced it back in the laptop, popped in the windows 7 installation disk to install a fresh copy of windows 7.  But the laptop claimed that there is no bootable disk and says to insert a disk and hit any key to try again.  
No matter what I do I cannot get it to boot from the installation disk.  
I cannot get into the BIOS, no matter which key I hit when the laptop starts up.  (Isn't F2 the right one?)
No matter which key I hit, it will not go into boot menue.
I changed out the dvd drive, thinking the drive might be bad but that didn't help either.
I also installed the hard disk in another laptop, installed windows 7 on it and put it back into the acer, but it still claimed there was no bootable disk.  
A little help would be appreciated
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Jordan ClarkI.T. Assistant
Sometimes hitting F8 or F12 will get you into the BIOS or at least let you select a boot drive.

It sounds like this could be a couple of issues.  The first one is that the connector to the HDD is loose on the motherboard and no longer taking signal (had this happen on an old laptop before).  The second is that the MBR was completely killed on the HDD when it was reformatted.

I believe the issue might be your boot order, which does require a BIOS change or being able to access the boot menu options on start up using F8 or F12.

If you have installed the OS on the harddrive from another computer and then put it back in this laptop, I would look at getting the HDD connector checked out.  As long as your HDD is working on another computer you can rule that out as the culprit.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Also, assuming you can get into BIOS, change AHCI to compatibility mode as that sometimes facilitates operating system installs.
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i read that would be the F10 key to enter bios

the fact it does not boot from it can be caused by a bad DVD, or a dead DVD drive als
so try with another bootable DVD - or test this DVD on a known working PC
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F2 is correct for the Aspire 7520 series.  You should see a prompt on the screen during POST to press it.
Splash screen at boot
F12 enables the one time boot menu - but by default that option is hidden when the laptop is supplied - so you need to go into the BIOS and change a setting before you get F12 as an option ("Enable F12 Boot Menu" in the InsydeH20 Setup menu)

Are you using Acer's recovery disks for this?  You should have 2 DVDs labelled "Recovery1" and "Recovery2" - only disk 1 is bootable.

If you're not seeing the F2 option you may have BIOS corruption and this may need resetting.  It's also worth trying to boot without the HDD connected to rule out the electrical issue already described.

If you can get the F12 menu enabled then boot, hit F12, insert the 1st recovery disk, choose optical drive as first boot device and then when prompted hit any key to boot from it. It should then simply be a question of following an on-screen menu to reinstall Windows.


Sorry I didn't get back to this sooner.  
I again place the formatted disk in another laptop, installed windows and then placed it back in the acer laptop and it booted fine.  After the system was booted up I could not see the dvd drive.
I placed the dvd drive in another laptop and it worked fine.
I then took the acer apart to check the dvd connections.
Everything looked fine, but when  I disconnected the cable connections and then re-seated them it was able to see the dvd drive, so I am assuming this was the real cause of the issue.
However, I never was able to get into the BIOS, even after upgrading to a newer version, but everything else worked fine, so I sold the laptop and the customer seems happy with it.