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css logo styling in wp-admin login page


I'm just trying to increase the width so the logo will appear properly but my login.min.css file does not seem to be in wp-admin/css folder.  Why would this be?
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Ok, I can see that online but when I access the site via ftp that file is not there?  Is this possible?
Lucas BishopMarketing Technologist

Hmm, first thing I would check is the cache/log/minify.log and see if there is anything in there related to this specific file. If so post it in here.

Also, is the caching plugin up to date?
It does not look like they have a cache plugin and it seems many of there plugins are way out of date.  I am wondering if the client gave me the wrong ftp login credentials.  When I temporarily remove the wp-config file nothing changes on the site (the site does not go down).

Where would I find this log file?
Marketing Technologist
It could be that the caching is strong enough to where if the db connection is lost, the site still renders. You could test renaming the wp-config and then see if you can actually login to the admin. This would eliminate caching from the equation.

I believe the log would be in /wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache/
I have sorted out the issue.  He was giving me the wrong ftp access.

One more thing.  This file is a core WP file.  When we upgrade WP to the next version will this file be overridden?  If so, what's the work around for this?
I made the changes using a hook in the functions.php page.  Thanks Lucas.