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Unable to reset or restore the administrator password on DC server 2008

Hi Guys,

Just got a call from a client that is trying to access their server and is unable to because they don't know the password. I have tried to reset the admin password using some of those password recovery\reset programs. It seems like it is resetting them but I am not able to login.

is there a way perhaps with the server 2008 disk through cmd to reset the password. I took a look at an article online that was very confusing and could use your help on restoring or resetting the admin password on the server 2008 standard DC.

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Senior Network Systems Specialist
The reset disk will probably only change the password for the 'local administrator' account NOT the domain administrator account.
You really need to boot the server into Directory Services REstore Mode (DSRM) before you can try to change the domain administrator account and use something like U-Tools to change it (https://u-tools.com/help/ChangePw.asp).
I will try this in 2hrs and report back right away. Thanks
is there a cheaper way than spending $169?
which product do i need to purchase?
Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems Specialist

U-Move for Active Directory.

For Windows 2008 or later you can try using utilman.exe tool to reset the password: