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Internet connection monitoring software

Here's the situation:
For some months I've been having intermittent email problems with Verizon.
I have a handful of verizon.com emails and sporadically during the day I will get a "Service Temporarily Unavailable" error through Outlook for one of any of the addys. If I clear the error box and do a "Send/Receive" and all of the emails usually come through.
Occasionally my Steam account will report a failure to make a connection; a 2nd try connects.

I have FiOS and I suspect I'm experiencing a sporadic connection issue. The Verizon "tech" claimed the problem was with Outlook as "Outlook does strange things sometimes". I have a problem with Thunderbird at the same time I'm having trouble with Outlook.
He said he tested the connection (once) and it was fine.
What I am looking for is some sort of software that will monitor my internet connection and generate a report about connection lapses.
Does anyone have suggestions?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014
All internet connections seem to fail now and then though I'm down to once or twice a month right now.  Are you using wireless at any point?  You can have problems that are caused by interference from your neighbors.
nader alkahtaniInformation security consultant
PRTG free version support 30 sensors it is  good but check url :

>Are you using wireless at any point? <
Wireless router 6 ft away. No interference apparent; all neighbor signals @ 20-30%. My signal @ 100%.

I'll look at the software options. Thanks
Speed54Sales Representative
Could still be a modem fault or even a adsl filter playing up. do you have a backup modem to try?
To eliminate wireless issues I would connect by ethernet cable for a week and compare how many dropped connections you get with that.  If you get dropped connections have the Verizon monkey's boss check your modem logs.
so far I'm not seeing any dropped connections...as far as I can tell...with PRTG even though I'm getting the occasional Outlook error.
I just reset the scanning interval for 15 seconds and maybe I'll see something.

I need a longer ethernet cable to bypass the wi-fi. :-/
That may be a couple of days. Ice & snow.
This actually could be an issue with Verizon. I use Verizon. I get reports at least once a week from my bank and mail subscription sites that they could not send me an e-mail. Then I have to go through the verification procedure again to prove my e-mail is working.

Calls to Verizon support have been fruitless, but they are still better than Comcast!
"I need a longer ethernet cable to bypass the wi-fi. That may be a couple of days. Ice & snow."

You have ice and snow INSIDE your house?  That's bad !! :-)
That's just silly.
I have my computer in the front yard like a normal person.

PRTG didn't report any problems with Internet or wi-fi.
I'd like to try something else.

How about Wireshark?
Will it do what I want?
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014

Wireshark might help if you want to dig thru the details.  But your problem sounds like your servers are getting too busy at times.  That has nothing to do with your network.
That's what I'm now thinking, too.
Thank you Stone