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Need recommendation for surveillance DVR system

Need -a- Clue
I am looking for a DVR surveillance unit that will accomplish the following:
1. Be able to accept both video and wifi cameras.
2. Be capable of recording Hi Def
3. Be accessible from any computer on my network
4. Be accessible from any computer anywhere with an internet connection.
5 Be accessible from my Android HTC ONE M8 cell.
6. Optional, but desired: Be able to use ISPY software and their site with this system.
7. Be able to accommodate different brands of cameras.h

I had been trying to use a desktop to accomplish the above but it is too complicated. A DVR that has these features will hopefully save the day. I see that dvr units are plentiful between $100. and $500. I am hoping that an Expert here can give personal recommendations.
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The raspberry pi b (v2) with 1GB memory and quad core 900mhz proc is insane fast and will do the job.  Get a USB2.0 1TB HD for capture.

Raspberry pi with power supply, case and cords = 60$

Free open source software.

Use any camera with HD capture quality that supports MJPEG.



Hello, while I truly appreciate the depth you went to in order to offer your suggestion, it  is not what I am seeking. I need a DVR unit that will interface between cameras and my computer and the net. The very last think I want to tackle would be experimenting with a raspberry Pi computer. I am trying to make this project as simple and easy as possible. That is why I am willing to spend up to $400. for a DVR unit not including cameras. I have no experience in making a purchase like this. I am hoping that a person that already has a similar system installed will comment. Experts?


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Chris HInfrastructure Manager

Sorry.  At 400$ in the A/V world, their's just not much I know of other than an open source solution.  Every survelliance company I've ever worked with (at two Texas baseball parks) used the above open source solution.  Even then, their DVR systems (minus licensing and labor) was still in the 2k$ range.  Heck, Time Warner cable tried to ding me 500$ for their 10-year old wretched 80GB piece of garbage when I moved out.   While I'm not saying it's possible, I just have no experience in the low-end market.

However, I did remember hearing the name "Funlux" thrown around a lot at the Altex store up here.  And the kid who was doing the name dropping is also a huge Android fanboy.  You may try giving them a call, they have a huge department for A/V surveillance.  Even though they're probably not local, they'd be more than willing to answer your questions.  Google Altex in Carrolton.

Good luck!


Hiya! I finally, I think, found a solution. You are right about the price. So far, I have spent about  $2,000. on just a recorder and 4 cameras & related goodies. I'm happy with it and it is a lot of fun. I appreciate your input. I had a good friend in Carrolton. Jim Bob M. Thanks again.