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How to migrate from Telstra Office 365 to Microsoft Office 365?

We partnered up with Telstra to use Office 365 over a year ago as at the time it was not possible to purchase Office 365 direct with Microsoft. Office 365 support through Telstra is terrible and takes a long time to escalate support items from Telstra to Microsoft. Unfortunately it is not possible to call Microsoft direct as we purchased Office 365 through Telstra.
Now you can purchase Office 365 with Microsoft we would like to move our services with minimal disruption from Telstra to Microsoft.
How would we go about doing this?
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I would engage directly with Microsoft directly to see what options are available. This is something which has been discussed on the Whirlpool forums: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2249481#r15. Do you have an EA with Microsoft or just a smaller customer?
I'm interested in this as I am looking at moving a customer to Office 365.
Telstra's plans are cheaper than Microsoft's and you don't need to lock into a 12 month contract to get the cheaper price. Microsoft's 12 month plan is more expensive than Telstra's monthly plan.
Is this something you have taken into consideration?
I'm guessing you'd rather pay the extra and not have to deal with Telstra?
How many users do you want to migrate?
When I discussed O365 with my local Telstra Business Centre Manager last week, he told me Telstra's O365 customers are hosted on the same Microsoft servers in Singapore as Microsoft's O365 customers and that there was absolutely no difference between the two products. Surely it must be possible for Microsoft to simply take over the subscription.


You're right, there is no difference, apart from the fact that if/when you have an issue  you need to engage Telstra not Microsoft and this process takes too long. Telstra do not have the technical knowledge to support Office 365 so most support requests have to be sent to Microsoft anyway. We want to cut out the middle man and go direct.


Microsoft $12.90 pp
Telstra $13.50 pp


To be honest, a monthly subscription is better but I would still rather go direct. It is very unlikely my clients will move away from O365


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The new O365 offering has data centres located in Melbourne and Sydney. It's more expensive than SE Asia and the US data centres but it fulfils a lot of regulatory requirements especially if you are in the finance or Govt. sectors which have strict requirements on data being retained on shore. This has been Amazon's advantage until now was that they had local data centres in Sydney.


This is the only solution. You cannot transfer from Telstra to Microsoft. I have to create a new account at Microsoft and migrate.
I hate dealing with Telstra. I wasn't aware Microsoft offered it directly now. Switching as soon as I can (and happy to pay more to MS if required).