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Windows server 2008 r2 Administrator tools

MITK13 asked
I have been asked to build a couple of servers and mirror another box  that is up. On that box which is also an 2K8 R2 it has a lot more administrator tools like DNS,  ADSI Edit, ADUC but when i look at the roles I don't see any of these installed.

My roles and roles and features are identical to the server i should mirror but i have no idea how they added all of these options.
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NVITEnd-user support

Are you looking where to find these so you can install them?

Start Server Manager.
In the Roles pane on the right-top, pick the Add Roles. Follow the wizard.
Distinguished Expert 2018
GUI tools can be installed without their associated roles. Under features, you'll see a section for remote admin tools. Expanding that will show you all of the GUI admin components you can install to manage other servers remotely. So yes, you can have the DNS tool installed without the DNS role. And use it to remotely manage another windows DNS server, such as a server core install that has no GUI.
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If you want to administer the server from a member 2008 server...
- Start Server Manager.
- In the Features pane on the right-top, pick the Add Features.
- Pick Remote Server Administration Tools or sub-items

RSAT Windows 7 Download here...
NVITEnd-user support

MITK13... Thanks for the update. I hope it worked out for you.