Crystal Reports Com/Activex

I am using Crystal Reports 2008 to build my reports.
I am looking for a component like a viewer, that can be deployed along with my application and doesn't require any other installation. I am thinking about something under ne of these formats msi, exe, dll.
I must be able to access it programmatically. Something that has properties, events, methods.
I am dBASE PLus with MySQL/SQL Server.

I  am looking forward to hearing from you.
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Crystal requires several assemblies and dlls to be installed with it along with the potential requirement for a license.

Are you developing this idea for your company or are you considering selling an application?

What do you mean access it programatically?

Omer-PitouAuthor Commented:
Access programmatically just means that I want to be able to manipulate the component in code, like giving the name of report to open, setting parameters values, filter data before viewing, etc...
I want to include it in my application. I have already a licensed CR2008 that I use to design reports. Do you I need another license to deploy my reports with , on my client site?
I thought I could find something like Crystal reports viewer that comes with all necessary resources to view a Report on the client side.
The short answer to whether a license is required for that purpose is most likely yes, but it depends on the powers you give the users.

Please note I am not a licensing expert and only give you what I have read and my understanding of it.

If they can only see canned reports (no refresh capability) then no license is required.

If the users work for your company and the reports are viewed over your INTERNAL network then not license is required you already have it with the version of Crystal).

However once you face the application to outside your corporate network, a license is required and it isn't cheap.  This is I believe to prevent your from providing what would amount to a reporting service for any and all who would be willing to provide you a database and set of reports.

Here is a link to the CR 2011 page

The paragraph for you are
Web Applications for External Redistribution:  

To externally redistribute Web applications with embedded component engines, the application developer must acquire a licensed copy of SAP Crystal Reports each time the application is deployed (installed) by a third party.

Software-as-a-service deployments require an OEM license. For more information on OEM partnership, or to contact the OEM partner team, see the OEM partner brochure.

From Ken Hamady's review of CR2008
Licensing changes:
Crystal 12 is still using Named User licensing. That means you need a valid license for every report designer, regardless of how often they use the product. See my recent blog article for more explanation on Named User Licenses.

There is only one edition of Crystal Reports 12 so everyone gets the same tools and rights to deploy applications. Thick client applications can be deployed, as always, without restrictions. Same for deploying server based applications internally. Providing server based apps to your customers requires that each customer own a copy of CR 2008.


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