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Emailing Component

Omer-Pitou asked
Dear Sirs,
I am looking for an email component that can be accessed programmatically.
Some of features I am looking for are :
- Secure Emailing
- Queuing Emailing
- Emailing Log
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Here are listed e-mail components accessible from FoxPro but you should be able to incorporate them into any other programming language supporting ActiveX:

The most popular two are: CDO mail, and Blat.

If you are looking for .NET components then there is also many possibilities. You may look at MailBee.NET: http://www.afterlogic.com/mailbee-net/email-components
or https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/28b96cd4-b755-48a0-b686-9abb7d5607a8

Telerik and Chilkat offers paid versions.
President and Btrieve Guru
Your post is missing some critical information, such as language, platform, and more.

My first recommendation would be to look AT BLAT, which can be called from a command line, and thus just about any language.

Second option is to do a Web search for VBScript commands and to write your own that fits your exact needs. This is also easy and should take no more than an hour or so.

If these ideas don't help, then please post more details. ..


I am using dBASE Plus
dBase Plus should support Blat by using RUN command.
You may also look at Socket Tools incorporated in dBase ActiveX:


I found aspemail