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How to set up Group Policy for MS Office 2010  Word , PowerPoint and  excel  to  (Auto-Save)

lianne143 asked

Previously we had Windows 2008 DC and XP and recently we migrated to Windows 2012 DC and Windows 7 workstations I am not sure how office 2010 application was behaving with XP(my predecessors had setup).  We are using office 2010 with windows 7 and today one of the user was working on a Power point spending 3 hours, unfortunately she  didn't save the document in between. I don't know what happened a screen popped saying this program is not responding, waited for while that the screen would go but never went  ,  I have to force to close  and the opened ppt closed as well  and I opened the same file which was saved on her home drive "H" and the typed work was lost.

We have 300 Pcs and 600 users. is there  way to set up a auto save for office documents through a GPO, so that  PC keeps saving the document automatically without users saving the, by going to file and then save.
Please guys is this achievable , if so  post me tutorials as how to set up this through a GPO .

Thanks in advance!
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CEO PowerPoint Alchemy
AFAIK there's no way in PowerPoint to do this. It is probably possible with a custom Add In.

It looks like File > Options > Save AutoRecovery every xx minutes would do this but it doesn't. It ONLY saves in the event of a crash (or more precisely if it's NOT a crash it wipes the back up file).

There's a "Recover unsaved" option but this is only useful if the file has NEVER been saved.,


Any ideas if I can purchase a  custom Add in to auto save.