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Licensing for Vspere

christt84 asked
I have a server with 4 Vms running. The server has 4 cpus with 6 cores = 24v cores. I currently have esxi 5.5 on it with a free license of vsphere that limits each vm to have 8v cores.

I would like to start using backups such as acronis vm backup or veem however they wont work with the free license of vsphere. What is the cost for a compatible vsphere license to run acronis vm backup?
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Infrastructure Manager

You may want to consider Acronis Backup & Recovery.

It will create full disk-level image of your VM on Free ESXi. Of course, it will be based on in-VM Agent - no Agentless for FREE ESXi, but you will be able to restore whole machine, or just files from it.

It will also be faster, than any file-by-file based solution.

Veeam will also work with the free version.  


Looks like it's 900$ if you hurry.  There's a sale down from 1200$ per 2xcpu.  so 2xcpu x 2 = 4 physical CPUs.  It's licensed to the host.

Good luck!