How to make a URL open in a non full screen window from within an email

I am producing a small non-profit community newsletter using Newsletter Email Marketing software, I will be emailing the newsletter out to a few hundred recipients.

Within one of my articles I want to refer to a website URL which has a PDF file on it, e.g.: http://www.domainname.come/uploads/Newsletter173.pdf

However, when my recipients click on that PDF link I want it to display in a POP OUT window so that my readers don’t get lost, I also want to keep them on my newsletter if possible.

What parameters can I put around this URL to make that happen? Or what tools can I use.

Also, ideally I would like it to open in a medium size screen rather than in full screen so that they can see the newsletter behind it.

Thank you for your help.

IP4IT StaffAsked:
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Why dont you just attach pdf to the email and send it with normal mail client and let the people to handle them as they see fit? I dont see any windows on android phone for example
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
On your link, use the "target='_blank'" attribute, which will open a new window


<a href="http://www.domainname.come/uploads/Newsletter173.pdf" target="_blank"> newsletter pdf</a>

There are too many things involved over which you have no control, and it would not be reasonable for you to expect that you should be able to control.

The first obstacle is whether the recipient is reading emails via webmail or via an installed POP3 email client.  Installed email clients like MS Outlook are going to be a lot more restrictive when it comes to clicking links for PDF files stored on an external server, and even if attached to the email there are still going to be issues about whether the recipient is permitted to open the PDF file.

For example, older versions of Microsoft Office Outlook do not have the means to preview or open a PDF file inside the Outlook window, so it is always going to try and open it in a separate instance of the default PDF reader.  Google Chrome, on the other hand, will probably open it using its own resources within the browser window.  I use Firefox, and my settings are such that I am always prompted whether to open or save a PDF when I click on a link to one.

Additionally, I have Adobe Acrobat Reader set for highest security so that it resists attempts for PDF files to hide the menu bar, toolbar, and Windows controls and control the "layer state".  This is for good reason.  Adobe Acrobat Reader supports a lot of functionality that really has no place in a "portable document", such as JavaScript support.  Many "drive by" viruses are spread by deliberately malformed PDF files that take advantage of browsers' default ability to open them within a browser window without prompting.

"I will be emailing the newsletter out to a few hundred recipients".

Of those recipients, a large number will be reading the emails on portable devices like SmartPhones and iPod type devices that use more basic browsers and email readers than most desktop variants.  You have no way of knowing in advance how your link to a PDF will be treated on the recipient's device.

In the circumstances I believe that the only thing you can do with your URL is use the   target="_blank"   as suggested by Rob Jurd and hope that most of the recipients at least have the PDF opening in a separate browser tab if they are reading webmail in a browser.  Even then, browsers that support tabs do not always shift focus to the new tab.

In short what you seek to achieve is an unrealistic expectation.
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IP4IT StaffAuthor Commented:
Thank you BillDL that was a great and  details and knowledgeable reply. ( also thanks Rob and Ghiest)

We are trying to do a community newsletter and feel the best way to successfully distribute it is via permission based email distribution software. The sources for content all come from within that community.  The sources come in a wide variety of formats, some people write articles concerning their clubs and email then to us, we cut and paste those directly into the newsletter email distribution software, others find already existing YouTube videos concerning the community. The ones that cause us an issues is where for examples various denominations of churches already have a PDF weekly newsletter that they want us to include in the larger emailed community newsletter.

These PDF's are generally formatted as one page newsletters for A4 printing, and as such the cram as much info as possible into one A4 sheet, with all the weird columns and formatting that that brings.

A only way that I can see to get around all the problems that you point out is for us to cut and paste sections out of the PDFs and rebuild them directly as plain text into the Newsletter software.  However, that is laborious, and peoples time is precious, everything is dome on a non-commercial volunteer basis, everyone has a busy full time job. So I am trying to make it as time effective as possible.

But from your article it seems that to cater for all client email systems and all devices that may be used to read the newsletter, that the only solution is to cut and paste and reformat text from all the various PDF's directly into the Newsletter software, that is a time consuming affair, plus there is the concern that we may accidently not replicate the original sub-newsletters exactly as they had been and could upset someone at some stage.

If the only way to do this, so that it is easy for all end recipients, is to rebuild every PDF into permission based email marketing software, then I suppose so be it.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.
Normal mail client can send to 100 recipients in a go... So save your letter as template and send 3 times...
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
It will be A LOT worse to start copying and posting content out of a pdf. You say you are using a newsletter system? It should have the ability to deal with attachments such as a pdf (stands for portable document format) via templates or the like. You'll get inconsistent results on the recipient's computers, at least with a pdf your guaranteed of having it look the same for everyone.

What software are you using?
I've used campaign monitor and mailchimp without issues like this.
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Gheist, their software should do that for them or there's free software available that I've mentioned in my last post that does just that.
I have seen people fanatic about charity campaigns splitting addressee list in excel and using outlook express with the result... It does not take much time for few thousand of addresses...
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
So have I and you end up putting your company on a blacklist... Speaking from personal experience *grin*, you do not want to go down that track. Leave it to the professionals
Sending with official mail client does not land you on a blacklist so easily...
IP4IT StaffAuthor Commented:
gheist: the stuff you mention is not an issue or a concern at all for me. I have permission based email marketing software than can handle the distribution and management of email better than standard email clients. But it not an issue or a query that I have, sorry of I misled you in my posts.

Rob: I have been using StreamSend, I choose it a few years back for business reasons which are separate to this newsletter. I think one of our reason for choosing it was back then it allowed us to rebrand the solution and to resell it. I haven't used it in a couple of years until this new community initiative. It never really took or for us or more accurately we didn't put the effort into reselling it. I don't see any features in it concerning PDF's, I will open a ticket with the suppliers, but on a cursory look, it doesn't seem to handle PDF's.
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
But it should handle links. Can you put the pdf in the cloud and link to it within the newsletter?

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