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Lync conversation not saving on Zimbra server

SuperRoot asked
We use zimbra as our email collaboration and lync as our chat/voice/screen share solution. I found out today that users are having troubles accessing calendars from lync mobile and they don't see all lync conversation history in zimbra. What's the requirements to make that work without using exchange?
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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT Consultant
You simply can't do it! Lync only can get integrated with Exchange through the Web service URL which lync finds through the Autodiscover for Exchange and then connect using the same credentials for Lync or else will prompt you to enter only Exchange credentials.

For this to work the user on Exchange must have enterprise CAL and must have UM enabled and must follow a certain steps to integrate both of them.

If this works then Lync will starts to show Calendar items and will also save the conversations to your outlook.

You can look it up online.


Zimbra thinks that of we purchased their ews license this might actually work. So I'm checking the options.
Senior IT Consultant
There's no guarantee that this would work and I doubt that after you purchase the licenses Microsoft would provide you a support to such an integration. but if you insist you could purchase a license of one user "Not sure how licenses works for zimbra" and then you can try this particular user.

Does Zimbra uses autodiscover mechanism to find the EWS url ? how it works ?

Here's a good explination on how Lync connects to EWS


Thanks! Zimbra officially sucks. It can't integrate with any Microsoft tools, Enterprise SAP, and even GFI anti-spam. I think sendmail is way better(even though its old) because I can create my own API to make it work with other platforms. Zimbra doesn't. Not only that, they're support is just the worse! Takes forever to respond!

Microsoft also have their own share of support problem but at least there's tons of people I can work online and ask questions. It appears that zimbra needs to work on their EWS(and they charge you for it) and integration for Autodiscover. Otherwise, its not really a worth it product.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT Consultant

You're right, I agree! I my self suffer from Microsoft support for office 365 projects but at least there are many people that you could ask or share your experience with unlike zimbra.

hope this would work for you