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VMware Thin vs Lazy Thick vs Eager Thick disk

Hello Experts,

Can someone please tell me the difference between Thin vs Lazy Thick vs Eager Thick disk and which provides the best performance?

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Bud Durland
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The answer to your question(s)  is probably here:
In short....
This is the worst performance and Eager thick is the best at the other extreme.  We use NOTHING except Eager Thick at all.  Performance testing has proven over and over that is is the best.
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One point I would like to add on is to check with your SAN vendor to see what they recommend since some / most SAN vendor have API's that hook into Vmware via the VAAI
And some also recommend disable VAAI as it causes worse performance in SOME configurations.

As always there is NO 100% correct answer.
What type of SAN or shared storage  device are you using???
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Hello Experts,

Thanks for you're response, however I don't think any expert has actually answered my question...
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That's exactly the answer a novice like me needed.