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Coldfusion connection with xampp2

Servers are not my strong point - and I might be trying to do the impossible. To know that would be very helpful !

Set up :

Windows 7 PC, 64 bit
Dreamweaver CC
Coldfusion Development server. (localhost:8500 url address)
XAMPP/Apache Server. (localhost url address )

Both  Apache and Coldfusion are set up within Dreamweaver and I have applications running on each, independently.

My objective is to create a link/handshake  from an application running on Coldfusion to a module (written in Python) which is running as a XX.cgi page on the Apache Server. The XX.cgi module would deliver the output to the application user in those occasions when it is called - no reverse link/handshake from Apache to Coldfusion required.

Backing up for a moment -  The application is 80% coldfusion - but I would like to 'subcontract' some parts to Python - which I think coldfusion finds hard to handle .  That's the concept - and I'm not sure of the feasibility .

I have tried the following example to test:

1..  Created a page XXX.html on the coldfusion server (localhost:8500/)
2..  Created a page YYY.html on the apache server.(localhost)
3... XXX.html has a link to YYY.html on the apache server. The link is href="../../../localhost/htdocs/PizzaKitchen/YYY.html"
4..  On clicking the link I arrive at localhost:8500/localhost/htdocs/PizzaKitchen/YYY.html  ----- with an error message as per attached image

Must have missed something or am trying to do the impossible.

Thanks for any input
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Based on the error message it appears that you have a missing file. java.io.FileNotFoundException - "QtyOrderForm.html"

Make sure the file "QtyOrderForm.html" does exist.

Can you elaborate on the parts you find hard for ColdFusion to handle?

I was just pondering if the handshake portion could be accomplished using ColdFusion webservice or if you could call some executable using the <cfexecute tag...


Many thanks for input LajuanTaylor !

QtyOrderForm.html does exist, but it is on the Apache server. The page with the pointer to QtyOrderForm.html is on the Coldfusion server.  Noticed that the pointer link finally resolves to localhost:8500/localhost/htdocs/PizzaKitchen/YYY.html  - which would indicate that control has not been relinquished to the apache server.... I would have expected the resolved address to be localhost/htdocs/PizzaKitchen/YYY.html ???

I found the order processing hard with Coldfusion although I eventually got a system running and it has been running for past 3 years without problems. However, it is complex and difficult to maintain. We have 40 different courses and each order is a selection of these courses - by quarter, Q1,Q2,Q3.  Now we need to add more courses and that means diving into the code again.  I used MS ACCESS as the database (just as a repository, not using any of the access specific functionality.  I intend to move everything over to mysql.

I have been experimenting with Phyton and find it has the potential  for treating the above via 2D Lists AND it automatically handles additional courses as they are defined - in addition to printing out receipts, updating databases...

I want to retain those parts of the current system which deal with check processing, membership registration, course definition - while at the same time being able to handshake with the Python modules which will do the order entry and processing - including receipt and report generation.  

I imagine a cfm page with a link to a cgi page - which basically hands over to Python running on Apache. The order processing and mysql database update would be done and then control returned to coldfusion via a link on the ending Python/cgi page.  For data, the common touch stone for both the coldfusion and apache code is mysql.  

Thanks again for taking an interest in this !



PS.... for clarity - the file YYY.html is same as QtyOrderForm.html. I used YYY.html in the text for simplicity in typing !
If you populate the course selections for Q1, Q2, Q3 using a dynamic drop down list (i.e. db query), I was thinking that you could just make a CRUD page for the database table that contains your course information... Updating the menu items would then just be a matter of using a web interface to update a db table.

As for the handshake, you might have to create some type of session table that shared between the CGI and ColdFusion. You could pass the handshake in the URL via named value pairs. For security purposes after it's working you could also encrypt or create some sort of hash for name value pairs when passing as a URL string.

Example of creating a dropdown using a db table

Example if you need the dropdowns to be dependent


thanks LajuanTaylor  - following your suggestions and have managed to set up what I need.