Find hidden reference on a form

Every time I open a certain form a message comes up asking for "Qualification_Title" .
The source for the form is a query, which opens on itself without any problem and when I ignore the request the form opens and displays all the fields.
Somewhere on the form there must be something asking for this "Qualification_Title".
How can I find out where that is.
Can I search the complete form in a way?
I use Access 2010
Fritz PaulAsked:
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Check for renamed controls, fields or aliases (i.e. the control on the form is looking for 'Qualification_Title' whereas the column in the query has been aliased to 'Qualification Title')
Check that the query doesn't have any parameters. - view in SQL and check the first line.

Best way I've found to address this type of issue is to think about which items on the form might need a data item like 'Qualification_title' - it could be a textbox control, a combo or listbox that uses it to build the list, a concatenated value in a calculated control, in the master<->child link that relates a subform to the main form...
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
Check the forms Order and Filter properties (and in Reports, Sorting and grouping) as well.

As for a find utility:

Best money you'll ever spend.

Fritz PaulAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the teamwork. That covered everything and I found my error.
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