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Help needed: db2 rollforward db issues with SQL1273N and SQL1276N Unable to complete rollforwarding

Enyimba asked
Hi All,
I need a savior, literally...I have a db2 rollforwarding issues: I successfully redirected a restore operation but now unable to complete the rollforwardiing. I am getting the following errors:

db2 rollforward db RAPMT02 to end of backup and complete
SQL1273N  An operation reading the logs on database "RAPMT02" cannot continue
because of a missing log file "S0000518.LOG" on database partition "0" and log stream "0".

db2 rollforward db RAPMT02 complete
SQL1276N  Database "RAPMT02" cannot be brought out of rollforward pending
state until roll-forward has passed a point in time greater than or equal to "2015-02-20- UTC", because node "0" contains information later than the specified time.

Anyone know how I can resolve this issue?


Thanks in advance for your assistance
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Data Warehouse / Database Architect
Hi Enyimba,

The restore process could not find the log file(s).  It looks like the database was successfully restored from the backup files, but the missing log file(s) prevent the restore from applying the changes that occurred after the backup was taken.

As in the other thread, use the "db2 restore database {alias} ABORT" command to end the restore.

If you don't need to apply the log files (the backup is sufficient as it exists), rerun the RESTORE command with the "WITHOUT ROLLING FORWARD" option.

Good Luck!



Thanks for your response. I did not try your first recommendation and the second recommendation failed because the log files where needed. Next did take a new backup with include logs which also failed because a log was missing!!  I could not understand that!
Finally, I used the db2adutl system command to recall the needed log file and that fixed my problem...


Thanks kdo