Remove Exchange 2003 after upgrade to Exchange 2010

In our exchange organization we have 10 Exchange sites, of which we have installed  Exchange 2010 in 5 of them on separate boxes.

In those 5 2010 sites, I would like to uninstall 2003 and get rid of the secondary servers.  The question that I have concerns Recipient Update Service in 2003 that points to the 2003 server that has 2010 install in the site.

Should, on the 2003 exchange site, point RUS at another 2003 box that is still operational and then uninstall 2003 in the 2010 site?

Or do I need to point the RUS for that server to the 2010 installation in that site.

Thanks in advance for your help...
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John ChristopherAnalystCommented:

I don think RUS is used in exchange 2010..

It's only used in 2000/2003 flavours...

What you can do is uninstall the RUS through adsi edit as the exch 2003 system manager will not allow you to delete RUS.

Then simply uninstall EXCH 2003

you can also follow this link for any further help..

Thanks & Regards
John Chris
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
If you have Exchange 2003 with mailboxes hosted on it (in any AD Site) you are required to have at least 1 RUS present in the domain. You can have multiple RUS but only 1 per site. Having multiple RUS allows for faster replication and that site is not dependent on inter-site AD Transport replication to for updates. Having multiple RUS's is not required but 1 RUS for the domain is required.

So if you only have 1 RUS and it is in the site you want to remove, you will need to associate another site with Exchange 2003 with the RUS service.

RUS is only ever used in Exchange 2000/2003, so as long has you have mailboxes on Exchange 2003 you will require RUS. RUS is not used in any other later version.

Take a look at the below TechNet for Exchange 2003 and RUS placement.


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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
What you can do is uninstall the RUS through adsi edit as the exch 2003 system manager will not allow you to delete RUS.

There are 2 RUS's Enterprise and Domain. Domain RUS can be removed from within the ESM. Enterprise RUS can only be removed using ADSIedit. The user stated that he still has other Exchange 2003 Servers in different sites.

If he removes the RUS as you have stated and there are no other RUS's available in his environment none of the mailboxes/addresslist will be updated any more on Exchange 2003. He will require (at least) 1 RUS until all of the 2003 Exchange servers are completely removed from the domain.

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John ChristopherAnalystCommented:
Hi Will,

True and agreed, but anyways the user plans to have 2010 on all the sites and 2010 will surely not require the RUS... and  all the sites irrespective of diff flavour of exchange will have 2003 and 2010 in those sites and 2003 then can be easily uninstalled... maybe im not thinking the right way... but i din see any issues with deleting RUS on those respective sites where 2010 is already up and running..

thanks for the correction will.. I'm still trying to get better with Exchange..
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
but anyways the user plans to have 2010 on all the sites and 2010 will surely not require the RUS.

That is fine, but if he only has 1 RUS which is on the server that he is decommissioning how are the other Exchange 2003 servers going to operate. He needs at least one RUS in the domain until the last Exchange 2003 server is removed. Removing RUS is one of the last steps to perform before decommissioning Exchange 2003.

tsigellsAuthor Commented:
This is what I thought we had to do, but have more than 1 set of eyes never hurts.  We will point that RUS service at another machine and then uninstall 2003...  Thank you.
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