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EEM on Nexus

How can I run a EEM applet on nexus 5000 series switch every 10 hours or a certain time?
Please advice what configs a needed
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btanExec Consultant
Distinguished Expert 2019

pls see "Defining a User Policy Using the CLI" section for overall and specifically check out "Event Statement Configuration" on
event cli [tag tag] match expression [count repeats | time seconds]
Example:switch(config-applet)# event cli match “shutdown”
Triggers an event if you enter a command that matches the regular expression

event counter [tag tag] name counter entry-val entry entry-op {eq | ge | gt | le | lt |ne} [exit-val exit exit-op {eq | ge | gt | le | lt | ne}]
Example: switch(config-applet)# event counter name mycounter entry-val 20 gt
Triggers an event if the counter crosses the entry threshold based on the entry operation. The event resets immediately. Optionally, you can configure the event to reset after the counter passes the exit threshold.
Exec Consultant
Distinguished Expert 2019
There are example for reference that can help your understanding to customise to your requirements.

e.g. shows how to correlate multiple events in an EEM policy and execute the policy based on a combination of the event triggers. In this example, the EEM policy is triggered if one of the specified syslog patterns occurs within 120 seconds:
switch# configure terminal
switch(config)# event manager applet eem-correlate
switch(config-applet)# event syslog tag one pattern "copy bootflash:.* running-config.*”
switch(config-applet)# event syslog tag two pattern “copy run start”
switch(config-applet)# event syslog tag three pattern “hello”
switch(config-applet)# tag one or two or three happens 1 in 120
switch(config-applet)# action 1.0 reload module 1
Or another useful blog
Every 30 seconds, shut down the Fa0/0 interface, wait 10 seconds, and bring it back.

event manager applet FLAP
 event timer watchdog time 30
 action 1   cli command "enable"
 action 100 cli command "config t"
 action 101 cli command "interface Fa0/0"
 action 102 cli command "shut"
 action 103 wait 10
 action 104 cli command "no shut"