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Creating PDFs

Hi all,

I've searched for this particular problem but not quite found what I looking for....

I have  a msaccess programme [A97] which creates reports. The routine I am trying to generate, by pressing a button on a form, is to create pdfs of certain reports and save in a particular location which is not necessarily in the same PC but in a central location in a different server.

I am using the free version of bullzip to create my pdfs.

Grateful if someone has the code to do this or direction where I could find sample database with this facility.

I suspect this will be done with a module with different functions to carry out the process.

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You should be able to save the PDF file anywhere if you have sufficient access rights. You just have to use UNC filename:  

Another option (better for Access 97 probably) is to map the network folder as another drive in your login script or by calling NET USE command. Then you may access such folder as another disk on your local computer.

More info about folder mapping: https://support.microsoft.com/kb/308582


Thanks for your reply but I was looking for, was more to do with the coding necessary to generate the pdf from the existing reports and save the file in a central folder.
Isn't Bullzip the code you are looking for? Several other libraries doing the same thing also exist.

What do you mean by "generate the pdf from the existing reports" ? DO you mean to convert the report definition into the PDF directly (without Access)? How do you execute the report today?

What is missing in Bullzip?
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You might instead consider using this:


Prior to Access 2007, it was the defacto standard for creating PDF files in Access.


my apologies for not reply...

Yes, the intention is to convert the reports into pdf and then save to a folder.


Not quite what i was after, but helpful nonetheless