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Windows 2008 server can't ping gateway over time.

I have a very strange problem that I can't figure out.

The server has Active directory, DNS, and TS. Please don't get off track by telling me you can't do that. ;) You can.

If I change the servers IP address, Internet comes back and I can ping the gateway once again. If I put it back to the original IP it fails once again and I can't ping the gateway.

So far there are 2 IPs that I can't use any longer as they do not work on the server for some reason. It will work for about a day, then stop, Internal connections are fine, just no gateway access and TS clients can't connect since I can't ping the gateway.

There is no anti-virus software is installed. I turned off the servers firewall. to rule out any conflict.

This is a very difficult problem to diagnose.
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sounds as there is a duplicate ip (or the server thinks there is a duplicate IP)
seen this some times since 9 month on different servers and workstations after a reboot.
then i see an apipa address at the server (169.254.x.x) with ipconfig as preferred and at the eventlog is an entry because a duplicate IP.
often a server-reboot is enough to solve this problem.
at my nightly booting terminalservers i build a script to reboot if def GW is not pingable.


Sounds like that could be it, but I just can't ping the gateway. I can ping everything else on the network..  this is so wacky..
check the arp cache at the gateway.
the ip to arp resolution is a possible problem source.
seen this with Win8+WLAN+hyper-V within the LAN ... there are an IP6 multicast "echo" containing others IP`s learned by the gateway.


Could you explain how to do that please?


I have a firebox watchguard router. Which someone else installed. I freakin hate it. So very difficult to work on.


I just checked the ARP table. Everything is fine. No duplicates


Check this out: I can't access the router from the server, but from a workstation fine
whatchguard is a firewall ... i think.
are there some active rules that deny traffic for suspicious IP's?
what after rebooting the whatchguard?
is the device software up2date?
are there logfiles at the device?
PS: don't check for duplicate ARP entries...
check the IP to ARP mapping at the whatchguard, then check if the ARP matches the servers local MAC address.
use "ipconfig /all" at the server to display the server NIC's MAC address.


The ARP table shows to be correct.

What should I do next?
i would reboot the firewall.
some unknown block- or security-actions should be rerset after rebooting.


Would be a temporary fix correct? It would be blocked once again?
but if a reboot helps, there must be something at the firewall.
possible changing the IP is a temporary solution also.
It turned out to be an incompatible network card. Though it installed fine,  apparently it was not.. it was a pro1000 and replaced it with a 3com 10/100 that windows 2008 server saw without installing drivers and its been stable since Saturday afternoon.  So this was the answer.. thankfully..
the question is solved or can i do something for you?
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems Administrator

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