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Windows 7 running extremely sluggish on Parallels for Mac

zovoth asked
Greetings wise wizards of EE:

I'm helping a friend who has a 2014 iMac running the Yosemite operating system, that has Parallels installed, with Windows 7 System Builder operating system. The purpose of running Windows on her Mac is so that she can use Quicken 2014 for Windows, as apparently Quicken for Mac is a far less desirable program.

Parallels and Windows 7 System Builder installed just fine a few months ago, but a few weeks ago Windows 7 became extremely sluggish, and also produced a "Not using genuine Windows" error message. I recommended updating Windows 7 to today's currency, which resolved the "not genuine" error message, but the sluggish performance continued, and continues to worsen. Short of uninstalling & reinstalling Parallels & Windows 7, is there anything to be done to increase performance? The iMac side of her machine behaves normally, it is just Windows that has speed issues.

Many thanks in advance,

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Greetings strung:

Many thanks for your rapid response and the helpful information. I didn't know about the memory adjustment, and hopefully it will do the trick!

May the wind be at your back,