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I need some laptop recommendations ...

dgrafx asked
It will be used for video editing - probably Premiere.
It should have Windows, Touchscreen, 17"

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Raheman M. AbdulMessaging and Directory Services

Have you checked specs for Asus RoG G750JZ .
I haven't checked any specs - I'm asking here first ...
is this what you are referring to?
it doesn't look like its touch screen?
do you know?
if not then forget this one - it is a gift and i know that the recipient wants touch screen ...

if you know:
so with 24 G ram (for the one model) does that mean 3x8 with 1 vacant?
does it have hdmi out?
usb 3? (it doesn't say even though these days usb probably means usb 3)
do you know if the 250 G SSD is the C drive?
Speed54Sales Representative

There is a very good resource here on Adobe's website.

I reckon a laptop with the following:
Fast 64-bit CPU (Intel Core i7 Quad Core or faster), 64-bit OS
16GB RAM or more
NVidia graphics supporting GPU acceleration in Adobe Premiere Pro (either officially supported or not)
Fast internal storage: SSD or 7200rpm HDD
Fast connectivity for external storage or I/O devices: eSATA, USB 3.0, ExpressCard slot, etc.
17" 1920x1080
Support for a 2nd monitor via HDMI connector
hey guys - thanks for the input
I do need to say that I'm pretty sure of the specs I want - I just wanted specific laptop model recommendations
I'm having difficulty finding a high end Touchscreen laptop

I see now that my question was pretty vague ...
I didn't specify exactly what specs as there are many scenarios.
For ex this unit will end up with an SSD C drive but it doesn't need to have one off the shelf - I can add it.
And as far as RAM it should have 8 to 16 G I'm thinking but would want to add more than that so need the open slots to do so.
And other variables ...

Touchscreen 64 bit Windows
17.3 " screen
Upgradable RAM
2 HDD bays
At least 4 USB 3 ports
HDMI Output

Just a nice top notch laptop with a Touchscreen but doesn't need to be top of the line ...

Sales Representative
Maybe a Dell Inspiron 17 7000 series:
thanks speed!
I'll go ahead and close this question - the main thing that I couldn't find was touchscreen in combination with high end features.