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how to install packages in activepython windows

finnstone asked
i was given the below instructions. i only got step 1 done...have no idea on the others. much appreciated if you can help!

      1. Get Python 2.7 running on your platform. For Windows, the ActiveState ActivePython is the best choice.

      2. I believe that ActivePython comes with a package manager called PyPM. Run it and install the following packages through it:

            1. openpyxl
            2. pandas
            3. tweepy
            4. show
            5. say

      3. Unpackage the provided archive.
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Not sure I necessarily agree that ActiveState's ActivePython is the best python choice on windows, but there's certainly nothing wrong with it.  Here are the details on using pypm:  http://docs.activestate.com/activepython/2.7/pypm.html#what-is-pypm

Pypm should have been added to your path.  If it was, then shell out to a command prompt and type:

pypm install openpyxl

pypm install pandas

pypm install tweepy

And so on...


you were right! used another python package instead