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Edit MP3 File

I have a MP3 song file and I want to edit to shorten the length.  Any ideas on an open source software and how to do this?
Thanks for any help.
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Audacity is probably the best of the free audio tools available for Windows.

Suggest you start there



@MASQ thanks the info. I am in the process of doing the edit with Audacity, but not sure I am doing it correctly.
Do I need to playback / record the MP3 until the point I want to stop ? Or is there another way to shorten the length of the file?   Thanks
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You can highlight a section and then just press Delete and it will be removed.  It really is an Editor.  Make sure you are working with a copy.  To save it back to MP3 format, you need the LAME plugin from the Audacity web site.
No need to re-record with Audacity.

First, save the file with a NEW NAME (in case you make a mistake!)

Use the cursor to click to some point before the part you want to end the recording and click on Play (or press Ctrl and left-click where you want to start from).

Once you get to the point where you want start removing the song, use the keyboard keys Ctrl and M. This will place a label at the point the current position in the song as it replays.

You can zoom the window to see 30 seconds of the song to fine-tune your final position...

When you have found the correct position click on the wave-form window.

Now hold down the Shift key and press End to select what you want to remove and click Delete.
Edit with Audacity


that worked.   Thanks so much!