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Specs 2012r2 Std. with 2VM, exchange 2013 and Essential roles/DC,


Using one new physical server. one 2012 R2 standard license. The server will run two VMs. One VM for exchange 2013 and other VM for W2012r2 with essentials role including DC.

Our current SBS 2003 with exchange setup has 30 users and its Exchange database size is 40 gig total for last 10 years.

If we went to 50 users, would you please give me new hardware specs for the POSE running one VM Exchange 2013 and one VM DC in Hyper-V. All the workstations run Windows 7 Pro, if that is needed, Outlook 2010. I looked through other worksheets for this but they all seem to be for 5000 users and up.

I will never go over 50 users in next five years. This is for an small accounting office. I see total emails from all users average about 170 per day, with low 25 and occasional spike up to 700.

Do I need dual CPUs or will they be under utilized?

Total ram?


Raid 10 or 5?

Raid size? 500 gig, 1TB

Hyper-V or VM

I also need a quiet system since it is in office.

I was looking at this setup:

Dell PowerEdge T320 Tower Server

Intel Xeon E5-2407 Quad-Core 2.2GHz 10MB CPU , single CPU.

16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 PC3-10600 1333MHz

Registered Memory

2TB (4 x 500GB) 7.2K 6Gb/s SATA 3.5" HDDs

PERC 710 RAID Controller

Cost is an issue but if it makes it that much better we will get it

I do not want a semi truck when two pickups will do.

Anything else?

This can be another question for later.

I also will have another POSE 2012r2 running as RDS server, file server, because they will need access for 3-5 users from remote office, this is new, They will be running several versions and years of Quickbooks and LaCerte through this. QB and Lacerte do not recommend a VM in this situation. I know it has been done. The total size of data stored on our SBS2003 for 10 years is 130 gig. Just the data resides on server and database manager for Quickbooks, Low use. Now any remote access is with RWW. I was just thinking getting a second server of the above, even though it would be overkill, but then I would have a spare if first system went down.

Thank you
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Exchange 2013 really needs 16gb of RAM on its own, and fast disks.
Therefore I would be look at 32gb of RAM, SAS disks in at least two, preferably three arrays.
Size of the disks doesn't matter because Windows and Exchange (ie the apps) only need 250gb, so you can spread the load about.

RAID 5 - I wouldn't touch. With the size of disks these days you can usually get away with RAID 1+0 or RAID 10.

That is basically it. The design doesn't really change until you go above 500 users, so that will do the job for you fine.



Do I need dual CPUs or will they be under utilized?
Most Valuable Expert 2014

This number of users, I wouldn't bother.
Modern processors are multi core, so you can just add cores, which doesn't require additional physical processors.