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Sharepoint 2010 External Login Throught Citrix Netscaler

I am decommission our old ISA 2006 server and preparing to move the VIP address to our Netscaler.  We have a simple site but the one good thing the ISA server provide was a Forms-Based login page. We use Sharepoint with NTLM authentication (yes I know kerbose should be use but the person who I took over for botched the sharepoint install.. long story) when user connect from the outside through the Netscaler will the just get a simple Windows login prompt????
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have you seen this explaining video already?
Citrix How To: Configure the Authentication Virtual Server in NetScaler

or must your users authenticate again after authenticating at the netscaler?


Thanks... this was very helpful...

I actually found an old Authentication policy but setup but how can i tell if it is being used before I change anything


Here is my concern. We already have a load balanced vserver that host LDAP and applications reference it by IP. With the AAA vServer is need the FQDN of the LDAP connection. Do I need to now have a external DNS record for me LDAP vserver or can this just be a local host entry on the Netscaler.

Thank you so much for all of your help......


We have a ADFS server can the Netscaler authenticate to that?