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How to get rid of Java update popups

I am being bugged with Java update request popups. Often I will get four requests on whatever site I happen to be on.  I do not care if I don't have the  latest and greatest version. It did say I could click on a link that would enable me to decide when the popups appeared. I have it set at next to the lowest at this time. Evidently that is not enough to prevent them. How can I tell Java ONLY to either not notify me at all OR send me ONE notification that an upgrade is available? I see no reason to be notified 4 times in a row, especially after I have  said YES to each one of them. It could happen again 10 minutes later. Experts?
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What is a GPO?
GPO's are Group Policy Objects, and can be used on an Active Directory network. If the machines are not on an AD network, then you can either set local group policies, or run a bath script to modify the registry on each machine, or the slowest option, manually modify the registry on each machine.

What is a Microsoft Group Policy Object?
I will give it a try with the registry. I hate to go in there, but I will do a  backup first. The reason for doing the registry is because I don't know what an "AD network" is and I don't have any idea what a "bath script" is. I may get back to you if I have any question once I look in the registry. Thanks!!
Sorry i meant to say batch script!
Hi...I finally got around to trying your fix. There is no line like you show for 64 bit machines.