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crystal reports to excel speadsheet

I am trying to export information from a sql database to a excel spreadsheet to be uploaded to a different program. I am using crystal reports. I can mine the information very easily But I am limited by paper size.... is there a unlimited work space?? I have approximately 17 fields and one memo field that contains a paragraph of text.
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Your report size is controlled by the paper you choose.  You can choose legal paper which in landscape orientation gives you 17"

There are several ways to handle that.

1.  Make the columns narrow so all fit across the page.  If you make them all the same width they will export nicely to Excel.  You can expand the size in Excel if need be.

2.  Choose a printer that supports larger paper sizes.  You can even choose a plotter.  The printer doesn't have to physically exist, just add a printer driver.

3.  Create a custom paper size.  Basically as large as you want.  Id did that for export to Excel and made a 30" wide paper.

4.  If you have CR2008 or later, you can dissociate the report from the printer and set the paper size in the printer setup.

Another idea would be to use SSIS to do the export, or link the tables through MS Access and export from MS Access to Excel.

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Since the final outcome is to upload the exported data, you can skip the export/import steps by directly exporting to ODBC.


Thanks for the help