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Color Stuck on Black for Navigation Main Menu items

Brahmanatha asked


Note the color of the main menu items at the top... this is.


we are working on a new navigation scheme



The color is (or should be) is set in the CSS on line 1094 here:

.nav-global .nav-parent > li {
	color: #8c3945;
	padding: 0 22px;
	height: 40px;

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But, somewhere this is being clobbered by a later more specific selector that is turning it black...or wiping the setting which defaults to black (because no where do we set color to rgb(0,0,0,) for any type)

But I can't see where. I have looked at it until my eyes "are bleeding" but still don't see it.

Can you?
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Top Expert 2015
Line 1123 according to Firebug. It's not rgb(0,0,0) but it's close to black.

.nav-global .nav-parent > .nav-header > a {
    color: #352f29;
Jeffrey Dake Senior Director of Technologyy
The rule

.nav-global .nav-parent > .nav-header > a {
    color: #352f29;
    padding-top: 8px;

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on line 1123 is what is being applied.  Since it is later in your CSS file it is overriding your other rule.


Thank you both... who responded with 2 minutes of each other...so I split the points.

 I removed that  color: #352f29;  and it works! Gotta start doing this work in the morning instead of the end of the day...