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Accounting software, Office 365 and new server

I am currently using a VPS that I use to work on Quickbooks with my 3 employees that all access it from their own home offices for my bookkeeping business.  I am going to be using an additional accounting software, Connected and have been informed that in a cloud setting I cannot use it easily with Office 365, i.e. if I wanted to send a report to Excel from Connected I would have to save it as a text file, then open Excel and open the saved text file.

I'm thinking of moving to a server using either Windows Server 2012 Essentials or Windows Server 2012 Standard and would like to use Office 365 but be able to use it with the Connected software without constantly saving files.  Would this work in either O/S, do I have use a specific Office 365 subscription and will I have issues with having 3 to 4 remote users? O/S and hardware suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Sales & Systems Engineer
Put app server and remote desktop server in same hosted environment and there shouldn't be any problem. All users would connect to the remote desktop server and run all applications from it. Your accounting apps and MS Office (as well as any other O365 integration, e.g. OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.) would be accessible from the remote desktop environment creating a "pivot" for everything to talk to each other.

Windows Server 2012 Essentials is designed for this type of environment.  The Essentials makes it easier to configure and connect with the Office 365 accounts.  You will want to get the Enterprise Office and install Office in the desktop.
If you install an app server to host the remote connections, your Connected software may work as if the remote users are local.  It is confusing to everyone when discussing Office 365 if you are using the web-based office applications or if you have the desktop applications installed and are using them locally or through the VPN.