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Can anyone recommend a good EMail Reader for IMAP EMail ?

Hi all - Can anyone recommend a good Email Reader for IMAP Email that we can use instead of Gmail's ? We just need Email, not Calendar etc. Looking for an App or interface that help make managing Gmail easier. (Yes, that is a little vague, but I suspect that you all get the idea).
What we have is: multiple (3) Gmail Email accts (gmail addresses) for each person. (Actually is Google Apps for Biz).
The problem is, using Gmail.com, we need to logout & log back in to access the 3 Accts separately, which is not cool.
We've tried accessing Gmail using Outlook (IMAP not Pop) is OK ... using Outlook we CAN have all 3 Email Accts together being viewd by 1 Login. But Outlook is not web-based, unless you use the clunky OWA App (Outlook Web Access).
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic Advisor
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So one requirement is to be Web-based? Most Web-based email readers are bound to the ISP.
Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems Specialist

For non-web based program use Thunderbird Email program (for PC, Mac or Linux).
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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I use Outlook 2013 and it is an excellent client. All email accounts can be picked up in ONE Outlook account. I do this. If you "Leave mail on the server" in Outlook for IMAP, you can pick up email in Outlook on all your computers.


Thanks - I tried the Outlook but liked Thunderbird the best.
Peter or anyone - Now that I have completely set it up Thunderbird with 8 accts, signatures, etc etc ... The only thing with Thunderbird is it looks a big 'crowded' when I look at a full Inbox ... the 1-liner EMails are either too small (compared to the other Apps I have) or maybe the line-spacing is too close together.  Is there any way to adjust that ? (Like Gmail has "Cozy" look, "Compact" look, etc)
Senior Network Systems Specialist
Fortunately, you can play with the Font settings in Options and since Thunderbird uses Add-ons like Firefox you can improve it. There is a Theme font & Size Changer add-on for quick changes to the fonts on display. I cannot see any options for line-spacing though..


That's awesome!  I installed that Theme you suggested, "Theme Font & Size Changer", and the Zoom feature does the trick, line spacing & all!
- B