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Supplements to help with lack of sleep other than caffein

Occasionally my teen kid & I lack sleep.

She needs to prepare for her exam while I sometimes have to wake up 1 hour earlier or got
activated in the middle of the night to provide support to my workplace but still have to go
to office the usual time in the morning.

I could doze off while driving after a carbo meal (bread, noodles, rice) too.

Besides caffein, what other supplement can help us keep awake to "tide" over this
tiring/lack-of-sleep periods (& we'll catch up over the weekends) or during less
crucial periods?

I read glycine & L-Tyrosine helps keep us mentally alert: any truth?

What about Essence of Chicken?   Snake oil or there's some truth?
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i'm always curious, what exactly are the ingredients (in terms of amino acids, vitamins, minerals)
in Brands Essence of Chicken


What about Redbull drink : it contains quite a bit of Taurine but does it really
help with mental alertness (in particular for long-distance continuous driving
of say 5 hours)
Natural remedies include: rosemary, peppermint, citrus, CoQ10, licorice, ginseng, ashwagandha, astragalus, B vitamins, protein rich foods, caffeine, sunlight.

About Redbull read the article By Oliver Duggan:
Ephedrine ( often found in diet medications if ephedrine is legal where you live ) makes you more alert.
I would not recommend using this or caffeine or caffeine filled energy drinks for a teen.

A supplement named OverDrive made by Nu Skin works well for me when I need the extra endurance.

EirmanChief Operations Manager

Your teen really her sleep at this time of her life.
There is no substitute for the proper amount of sleep.

Sleeping in late into the morning / early afternoon must be avoided,
It's important that she gets up at approximately the same time each day with a little leeway at the weekends.

Once you enforce the rising time, the "getting to sleep" issue will resolve itself naturally in a few days
(but it won't make you very popular!).

It's quite natural for teens to go to bed late and get up late. You will be fighting against nature to a degree, but you can't fight against school schedules. In recent years, a few enlightened schools have actually introduced late starts to some of their schedules.
Robert RComputer Service Technician
supplements like caffeine are only stimulant that may give you a temporary boost, but once the effects wear off you feel worse off then you did before taking them causing you to hit the caffeine energy drink again. This can cause an addiction and may cause burn out. There is nothing like getting the proper amount of sleep each night. This is especially true in the teen or young adult life when they are growing and maturing. A good night sleep will keep you more alert and a person would be able to learn more in a sitting with a alert mind then when they try to learn while tired or on stimulants. Catching up on your poor sleeping habits on the weekends is a myth. Your body has natural circadian rhythms, and when you try to go outside of these natural rhythms, it is hard for your body to adjust, causing burn out or depression, or even hard time falling asleep at night.
We drink alot of caffeine. And we sleep well. The secret is what is used by the brain to stimulate sleep. Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone in the brain.
We take 10mg about an hour before bedtime and it really helps out. Pilgrim's Pride often has buy one get three free sales and we got a two year supply of melatonin for under $35. Go to their website and look around.

I'd try that and there are other health benefits from melatonin.

Another factor is when you and your family members lay down to sleep do not talk or have thoughts. It is related to racing thoughts. Your brain can not go into sleep mode if you are talking to yourself about the days events or plans for tomorrow.
Robert RComputer Service Technician
Melatonin is a natural hormone found in the body, and your body will produce it when you are exposed to sunshine. But there are reasons that every bottle states it is not recommended to be used passed 30 days unless recommended by a healthcare practitioner. I too have used the supplement and it does help improve sleep quality. The initial does recommended is 3 mg, but over time your body adjusts over the small amount and you need to have a higher dose to have the same affect. Such as moving to a 5 mg tablet then to a 10 mg tablet. You can therefore become dependant upon it in order to get your good night sleep. This is why they do not recommend taking it beyond a month or 30 day period. The supplement can be addicting, just as caffeine is an addictive substance a stimulant to give you that energy boost. There are natural things that can give you that energy boost such as brisk walking, jumping on a trampoline. Exercise helps to produce endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body,


What about Brands Essence of chicken?  Any value in energizing the brain?
Essence of Chicken has multiple health benefits. It can help those people who are stressed due to their work loads or lack sufficient sleep for the average person, or their own active life style.

See what else it can help with:

Quoted from brandsworld.com FAQs:

Q."Can I consume BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken before sleeping?"
A."BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken is natural food supplement and does not contain any stimulants or caffeine. And it is not a drug or medicine. So BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken should not affect your normal sleeping patterns."
Q. "When is the best time to consume BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken?"
A."Regular consumption of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken is recommended to help your body’s systems function smoothly, making you more physically energetic and mentally alert. There is no “best” time to consume BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken."

BRANDS contradict their claim:
" making you more physically energetic and mentally alert " 
" BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken should not affect your normal sleeping patterns."

A food supplement that makes you more physically energetic and mentally alert will also affect your normal sleeping patterns if taken before sleeping.

"Any value in energizing the brain?"
I would guess the answer to be a big NO.
Here are some natural remedies and some do not even involve herbs or supplements.

Cherry juice, melatonin, carbohydrates, and more:
The recommendations I gave in my first 2 posts will affect your normal sleeping patterns if taken before sleeping, thus, should not be taken within 3 Hrs before bed time, indicating that they do stimulate the brain and body.


Agreed with Michael Best: I've taken Tyrosine 2 hrs before bed & I can't sleep.

What about Brands Essence of Chicken? Any merit in this product/substance ?
I suppose its value is in its amino acids but what type of amino acids are found in it
& what other key ingredients it has?


The brandsworld & euyansang are promotional sites & I would not rely on what they
say as they're promoters of Brands.

I think Overdrive helps but it's an MLM product which I felt is over-priced.

Caffein certainly works on those mornings when I tend to doze off while driving
coupled with a low-glycemic index breakfast (like cashew, almond & other nuts)
but certainly not carbo stuff like bread & rice.

Wonder which online health store sells Ephedrine



My favourite store is the above.  Is the above item truly ephedrine?


Personally, I felt Brands Essence of Chicken is over-priced due to its branding.

>> "There is no “best” time to consume BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken."
I do find that if I drink a 'warmed up' essence of chicken, I can't sleep too
& sometimes I'll get sore throat so I need to consume it cold.  As to whether
it improves my brain in the long term, if $ is not a concern, I don't mind trying
it but it's simply too costly compared to L-Tyrosine (which crosses the blood
-brain barrier as some research indicates).

I think essence of chicken is just amino acids with caramel : maybe it helps
but the concentration of amino is much much better off obtained by buying
the pure amino acids form
Not sure how you are going with the question as first asked?
The recommendations I gave in my first 2 posts work, but so does a high dose of sugar.

The body does not need extra sugar that is not found naturally in normal foods.

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sunhux2015-03-08 at 20:48:12ID: 40652382

My favourite store is the above.  Is the above item truly ephedrine?

The product description states " Ephedrine Free "
"Wonder which online health store sells Ephedrine"

"Wonder which online health store sells Ephedrine"

Google "Trucker pills"
Please first read:
Aaron CarsonGym Trainer

Caffeine is not suitable supplements for the lack of sleep. It only boosts your energy temporary. If you are suffering from lack of sleep then try to take more vitamins. The best vitamins which will help you to overcome this problem are Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin E, Melatonin, and many more.

If you are interested to take supplements then you can try SR9009, It will help you to overcome this problem. It also increases stamina to do work.