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How to configure default settings to be created by SBS Console when adding users

Michael asked

I have just migrated a client to SBS 2011 from 2003 which was relatively painless. I'm creating admin documentation and im trying to create the process for a new user. However in this org they have their user data and profiles on a separate file server. Using the wizards there is no way to point the user shares to another server, only another drive on the same machine. I want to make the admin tasks as sleek as possible for my client and like the idea of using the create user wizard as it enables me to create several roles that match the business requirements. My currentl process has them creating the user first in SBS console, using a role which defines most of the memberships and configuration, Then into AD to modify the account to set user home folder, Profile location and a few other tweeks. It would be nice if this could be done by the console.

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Sales & Systems Engineer
No way to point folder redirection to an alternate server using the User Roles through the SBS Console. Sorry. You could, however, nest your folder redirection settings in an existing GPO that is already applied to the respective role. That way, when you create an account using the role in question, it will also apply the redirection configuration you placed into the existing GPO.



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