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I am creating a CA in a child domain but the Enterprise option is greyed out. How can I get an Enterprise CA installed

FlyboyExch60 asked
I am an Enterprise admin in the parent domain and member of administrators group on the virtual server 2008R2 Datacenter.
(I have googled but no resolution yet.)
I may try promoting to DC just as a test
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You do not need to install this on a DC.

Is the server you're trying to install this on joined to the domain as a member server? This is a requirement for an enterprise CA.

Other than this check the install log: C:\windows\certocm.log file.

Is there anything interesting in the event logs on the server?

Double check you are in domain admins in the root domain or enterprise admins. Make sure you are indeed a local admin on the server.


Thanks for the info but in the end I just blew away that server VM and built another and everything worked.


Everything listed was checked