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Get url from hyperlink column cells

I have an excel worksheet with two columns:

Site          url
--------      ------
Site1       ...
Site2       ...

Question: How can I get url text from hyperlinked Site column and store it as text in url column for each row?
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One way could be with VBA

You could create a Module with below code:
Function GetURL(cell As Range, _
Optional default_value As Variant)

If (cell.Range("A1").Hyperlinks.Count <> 1) Then
GetURL = default_value
GetURL = cell.Range("A1").Hyperlinks(1).Address & "#" & cell.Range("A1").Hyperlinks(1).SubAddress
End If
End Function

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Then, If you have an Hyperlink in A1, in B1 you can add the formula:

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This will give you in Text your link address.

If you have multiple Hyperlinks in your column A, just past the formula in each cells in column B

See attachment as an example.
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How can I loop through all the rows in the active worksheet to do this?
If (cell.Range("D1").Hyperlinks.Count <> 1) Then
cell.Range("D1").Text = cell.Range("D1").Hyperlinks(1).Address & "#" & cell.Range("D1").Hyperlinks(1).SubAddress
End If

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Actually, you don't need to change anything in the module.

Just by pasting the formula in the cells will automatically update the URL text.
get urlGet-URL-2.xlsm
Are you able to test like this?

Function GetURL(rang As Range) As String
  If rang(1).Hyperlinks.Count Then GetURL = rang.Hyperlinks(1).Address
End Function

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Then, the formula will again be for example: =GetURL(D1)

To your question, yes, it is only a function call.
You may want to also try my last function. shorter and still work great. :)