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Webmatrix/Razor HTML Encoding

I'm having some trouble with the way Webmatrix is displaying asian characters, in this case, Korean. The data is stored in the database with standard HTML form encoding, which displays in the database in this format:

100수~130수 까지, 3가지 라인업

However, it displays correctly in the old classic .ASP code, which seems to translate as it should.

100수~130수 까지, 3가지 라인업

Reading from the same database location via Webmatrix displays the characters exactly as they appear in the first instance.

I've updated TinyMCE to input the characters via numeric encoding, but that doesn't help with standard text fields.
How can I force Webmatrix to display the characters correctly? Any help would be much appreciated as it's driving me nuts!
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Have you set an encoding in your HTML files? Might get some ideas here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/timlee/archive/2010/08/06/working-with-html5-pages-in-webmatrix-and-the-razor-syntax.aspx . Some searching though does suggest that WebMatrix used to have issues with internationalization.

<meta charset="utf-8" />